Flexible and disposable thin-film circuits for RFID and NFC


Imec develops technology for tiny microchips made of plastics. This new technology provides a platform for simple plastic electronics that can be manufactured in very large volumes and at low cost and is thus very well-suited for IoT applications. 

Imec’s technology is compatible with established production facilities in thin-film transistor industry. Our global value chain of partners can handle the manufacturing of new devices in foundry mode, a production method similar to that of silicon CMOS.

Our solution

Imec develops an advanced indium-gallium-zinc-oxide technology with self-aligned transistor architecture (IGZO SAL TFT) that delivers state-of-the-art performance for thin-film microchips on plastics in terms of cut-off frequency, power consumption and reliability.  Our technology enables digital and analog applications such as wireless tags, microprocessors and sensor interfaces.

Imec also develops a portfolio of standard cell libraries (high-speed, high-robustness, low-power) and ready-to-use IC design blocks to enable IGZO SAL TFT technology for system-on-chip designs. Our pilot line facility for sheet-to-sheet manufacturing (Gen1, 32x35 cm2) is an ideal platform for prototyping and optimization prior to volume scaling.

IC design

Available and developing IC design blocks:

  • Design platform for IC design in IGZO TFT technology
  • Wireless ICs
    • 12-bit RFID
    • NFC (ISO 14443-A barcode)
    • Capacitive identification tags
  • Analog ICs
    • ADC (up to 6-bit)
  • Plastic microprocessor
  • Laser-programmable memory (LPROM)
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    What can we do for you?

    • Technology transfer of advanced IGZO TFT process
    • Assistance on IC design and component development in TFT technologies
    • Access to IC design library via licensing
    • Provide prototyping and low-volume manufacturing
    • Access to industrial network for volume manufacturing
    • Benchmark and demonstration of new materials in TFT IC applications
    • Specialized technical trainings to develop skills for your engineers 

    Why work with us?

    • Advanced IGZO self-aligned (SAL) thin-film transistor (TFT) technology
    • World-leading track record in thin-film transistor IC design
    • IC design library
    • Pilot line for prototyping
    • Comprehensive know-how for the benchmarking of new materials and processes

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