In the framework of our Holst Centre collaboration, imec develops new process flows for thin-film displays. By using metal-oxide thin-film-transistor (TFT) backplanes and organic light emitting diode (OLED) front planes, we realize next-generation flat panel AMOLED displays. 

We develop industry-relevant processes on our 6-inch substrate pilot line in Leuven and GEN1 substrate pilot line in Eindhoven. 

Our long track record of successful collaborations with industrial partners and our prototype demonstrations confirm our leading position in this very challenging field.

Our solution

  • Imec develops AMOLED displays on IGZO backplanes (composed of indium, gallium, zinc and oxygen)
  • We investigate spatial atomic layer deposition (ALD) of new semiconductor substrates
  • We look into encapsulation technologies to enable new flexible form-factors

Available and developing IP blocks

  • Design and fabrication technology for TFT-based driver backplanes
  • Integration technology for OLED on TFT
  • Flexible substrate deposition and delamination
  • Thin-film encapsulation with OLED-relevant WVTR
  • Novel display driving schemes for compact pixel engines
  • High resolution OLED patterning by photolithography


How can we help you?

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What can we do for you?

  • Access our technology by licensing our IP blocks
  • Collaborate with imec to screen, evaluate and benchmark new thin-film semiconductor materials
  • Collaborate with imec to develop your pixel stack for integration on a TFT backplane
  • Collaborate with imec to design and manufacture custom-made (flexible) displays
  • We can transfer our large-area, flexible image sensor technology to an industrial fab
  • We provide prototyping and low-volume manufacturing (Gen1, 32x35 cm2)
  • Become a partner and access our industrial network for volume manufacturing

Why work with us?

  • Advanced TFT technologies available for transfer
  • Building blocks for fully flexible displays
  • Patent portfolio on display driving techniques
  • State-of-the-art OLED pixel scaling by photolithography
  • R&D labs and pilot line for testing your new organic and inorganic materials, equipment and processes

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