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Analog and RF circuit design

RF IC design, especially at high frequencies, is essential for tomorrow’s wireless computing platforms. Imec USA - Florida gives you access to the design and processing capabilities you need for your groundbreaking applications.

Analog and RF IC design is a skill – some might say an art – which the imec USA - Florida design center perfectly masters. After all, high-speed circuits are essential components of technologies that will shape our future, such as:

  • wireless communication for 5G and beyond
  • mmWave imaging and computational imaging
  • next-generation computing platforms used for applications such as AR and VR

Does the success of your application depend on analog and RF circuits with frequencies of tens of GHz and above? If so, our team is looking forward to working with you.

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The challenge of high-speed circuit design

Analog and RF circuits are always harder to design than their digital counterparts. And if these circuits need to operate at high frequencies, the challenges become even greater. There are two ways to push analog and RF circuits to extremely high frequencies:

  • Use the high basic speeds of transistors made from novel materials, such as III-V semiconductors, as leverage to design high-speed circuits.
  • Explore innovative circuit design techniques to accelerate the speed of circuits based on traditional device technology.

Our design team uses its analog and RF design skills to develop circuits that push speed limits beyond 100 GHz and into the sub-Terahertz range – without impacting power-efficiency.

Tell us about your analog and RF circuit design challenges

The design expertise at imec USA - Florida is complemented by the comprehensive knowhow in nano- and digital technologies of the global imec organization. Whether you’re looking for radar systems, mmWave imaging ICs or building blocks for your wireless communication systems, we’re always ready to help you out.

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