imec USA - Berkeley Office

In one of the world’s most innovative regions, imec’s research outpost explores the codesigning of systems and technologies to enable the next generation of smart devices.

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The largest concentration of high-tech companies in the US. Two of the most prestigious universities in the world. And a lot of ground-breaking ideas floating around. The San Francisco Bay area is the perfect place for imec to set up an exploratory research center into the advanced nanoelectronics-based systems that will shape our future.

In close cooperation with their colleagues in Leuven, our researchers at Berkeley, led by long-term technology pioneer and visionary Jan Rabaey, dive into mid- to long-term outcomes of technological evolutions. At the moment, they’re focusing on:

"Being a part of the imec USA - Berkeley office allows you to apply the most advanced technologies in the world to some of the most exciting applications of information technology all this in proximity to the leading universities and companies in the field."


Read our interview with Jan Rabaey here.

Welcoming partners

Imec USA - Berkeley Office is keen to converse and collaborate with US companies and government agencies who share its interest in machine learning and AI for edge devices, system-technology co-optimization and new computational paradigms. At imec USA - Berkeley, you’ll find:

  • a rapidly expanding team of top scientists to accelerate your research
  • a direct link to the full expertise of the imec organization of more than 4000 top scientists worldwide

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Looking for Talent

As a passionate researcher, you’ll find that the imec USA - Berkeley Office delights you with:

  • a chance to explore long-term and adventurous technological perspectives
  • a workspace in our state-of-the-art R&D lab in the center of Berkeley, CA
  • a challenging, supportive an international working environment

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