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Camera systems and computational imaging

Take advantage of imec’s hardware and software expertise to model, simulate, and design your systems for advanced capture, combination and processing of image data.   

A picture is worth a thousand words. In fact, it contains a lot more information than that. Especially since new generations of sensors, algorithms and processors enable you to form images that reveal much more than two-dimensional visual data – such as 3D or infrared pictures. That’s essential for applications such as autonomous driving, augmented reality and face recognition.

The key to a successful camera system? The tight integration of all components, that are often specific to a certain platform, and the ability to simulate its performance to ensure it fits your application needs before you actually build your system. As an advanced design center that encompasses hardware and software capabilities, imec USA - Florida is your preferred partner for the development of such a system.

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From components to systems

Do you want to test the image quality that a new type of material can offer? Or design a complete camera system? Whatever your goal is, the experts at imec USA Florida always make your task easier.

Speed up the development of your imaging solution by relying on our expertise in a range of areas:

  • technology platforms such as mmWave radar IC and antenna design, CMOS imaging, hyperspectral imaging and solid-state lidar, to realize 3D imaging hardware with enhanced functionality and reduced size, weight and power
  • modeling of different system components or materials so you understand their performance before you start your design
  • system design for a seamless fit of all those components
  • simulation of the entire system before you start building it, easily saving you three to six months in development time

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Completing the full picture: computational imaging

In applications such as autonomous driving, the goal of computational imaging is to make predictions based on the combination and processing of image data. This requires AI skills such as sensor fusion and machine learning.

Imec USA - Florida combines its own software knowledge with that of its colleagues in Belgium to breathe intelligence into your imaging solution. Like the system for automatic python detection that we built for snake hunters in the Florida Everglades.

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