Silicon photonics prototyping
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Silicon photonics prototyping platform

Imec offers an integrated silicon photonics platform targeted to the telecom, datacom and medical diagnostics industries: our Silicon Photonics Platform (iSiPP). The iSiPP platform co-integrates a wide variety of passive and active components, enabling competitive photonic integrated circuits for short reach optical interconnects.

Three flavors of iSiPP

Imec's iSiPP platform is SOI-based and comes in three distinct flavors:

  • iSiPP200: 200mm (8”) full platform (see table below)
  • iSiPP50G: 200mm (8”) simplified platform/flow (see table below)
  • iSiPP300: 300mm (12”) full platform

Prototyping services




Access model


Shared run

Dedicated run


Basic (23 modules)

Full (30 modules)

Full (30 modules)

Silicon delivery

Dies from up to 3 wafers
(15 dies minimum)

Dies from up to 3 wafers
(20 dies minimum)

Full wafers (minimum 15)

Run timing

(2-3 runs per year)

(max 4 customers on 1 run)

Flexible, upon request

Minimum area

5mm x 5mm

Quarter reticle (10mm x 9mm)

Full reticle (21.5mm x 18.5mm)


Standard test

Standard test
+ dedicated test [optional]

Standard test
+ dedicated test [optional]


Limited (upon availability)

Options available (Semi Flexible)

Options available (Fully Flexible)

Cost sharing

Mask and processing

Mask and some processing


Key technology parameters

  • Starting substrate: Silicon-on-insulator with 220nm Si / 2000nm BOX
  • 3-level Si & 1-level poly-Si patterning with 193nm lithography
  • 6-level silicon doping & 2-level Ge doping
  • Ge-on-Si RPCVD epitaxy
  • 2-level Cu interconnects + Al bondpad
  • Deep-Si etch for edge coupling

Available devices

  • Traveling–wave Mach-Zehnder p-n modulator
  • Ge(Si) electro-absorption modulator
  • Micro-ring p-n modulator
  • Waveguide-based Ge-on-Si detectors
  • Fiber coupling:
    • Vertical “raised” grating
    • C-band edge coupler
  • Passive waveguide-based devices such as filters
  • Integrated heaters