The four cornerstones of City of Things

A city designed for all, by all

The rise of the Internet of Things opens the door to new ideas and (smart) innovative ways to tackle urban challenges such as mobility, sustainability and safety. These are concerns that matter not only to local governments but also the citizens themselves, researchers and companies. One of the strengths of the City of Things (CoT) initiative is that we include all these stakeholders. The aim of the program is to turn Antwerp into a living lab where businesses, researchers, citizens and city officials can co-create, test and experiment with smart technologies that aim to make urban life more enjoyable and sustainable.

CoT for companies

The City of Things is a large-scale and real-life living lab where businesses can test and develop their smart city applications, products and services. We offer a testing ground comprising thousands of citizens, together with a wide range of expertise in the development of smart city applications and business innovation.

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CoT for researchers

Our goal is to advance the state-of-the-art of smart city technology. By granting universities and other research institutions access to the unique City of Things testbeds, we aim to combine the unique expert knowledge of all partners and push innovation forward.

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CoT for citizens

The true essence of a smart city is not that it is crammed full of new technology just for the sake of doing so. It is first and foremost a city where the quality of living is raised to a new level, capitalizing on the practical needs and expectations of its residents. In the City of Things, citizens are put center-stage during the entire innovation process, from idea development to the validation of the final product.

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CoT for governments

City of Things provides the city of Antwerp with a unique infrastructure to develop and test innovative solutions to tackle its urban challenges. To other cities – both locally and internationally – it offers a window to the what’s and how’s of creating a truly smart city –from a technological, logistical and legal point of view.

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