Smart Spaces

Testing and validating in real-life environments.

Testing and validating new technologies and services in real-life conditions is key to a successful market introduction. And that is exactly what is happening at imec’s ‘Smart Spaces’, each of them focusing on a specific application field – from smart homes and offices to smart event venues.

An extension to its imec.livinglabs offering, imec has set up five smart spaces: unique, real-life testing environments that can be used both by imec researchers and external partners.

Imec researchers leverage the Smart Spaces testing grounds to build complete solutions and to benchmark the imec technologies and services. Yet, you as well – as a researcher or industry partner – can use these experimentation environments (including the underlying hardware, measurement equipment and software tools) to develop and test your technology or innovation.

Five imec Smart Spaces are at your disposal –

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Next to these five Smart Spaces, there is also ‘City of Things’, a real-life, large-scale testing ground for IoT technologies in the city of Antwerp. In one area of the city – the so called ‘Smart Zone’ – a fine-grained network of smart sensors and wireless gateways is being installed to monitor a wide range of parameters (air quality, (bike) traffic, pedestrian flows etc.).

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