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3State  makes 3D visualisations of houses and apartments for the real estate market.


● Are a young, fast-growing company based in Mechelen
● Are reinventing how people buy, sell, renovate and decorate houses
● Are building a system that can take in a 3D scan of a house, automatically convert it to a 3D model in Blender, and publish that model to a web-based 3D platform, where users can design it to their taste
● Are looking for a skilled python developer to speed up the development of our core python toolchain, which controls the Blender interactions


● Have experience writing python code, and know the pythonic way to do things
● Know how to structure applications so they remain maintainable
● Are comfortable integrating with third-party APIs
● Can handle linux and the command line

Extra brownie points if you:

● Have experience writing python for Blender (scripting or addon)
● Are familiar with 3D or game engine concepts
● Have done something with machine learning in python

Interested? Let’s get to know each other

Mail us or call 015/480 986


Job posted 08/02/2019
Location office 3Frog: Mechelen

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