/Advanced 3D-ICE Thermal Modelling: Driving Innovation in High-Performance Computing System Design

Advanced 3D-ICE Thermal Modelling: Driving Innovation in High-Performance Computing System Design

Master projects/internships - Leuven | More than two weeks ago

Achieve Breakthroughs in Power and Thermal Limitations through Systems and Technology Co-Optimization (STCO) 

Modern computing demands are reaching unparalleled heights, and with them, the necessity for advanced, 3D Integrated Circuits (3D ICs) capable of propelling performance and scalability in our increasingly digital world. These stacked memory and logic blocks form the cornerstone of future technology, yet they present an intriguing thermal challenge due to their high power densities.

In this groundbreaking project, we invite you to engage in a pioneering exploration of system-level thermal dynamics within cutting-edge, multicore High-Performance Computing (HPC)/server architectures. Enter the realm of the 3D Interlayer Cooling Emulator (3D-ICE) - a state-of-the-art thermal CAD tool adept at solving heat transfer equations in intricate 3D structures and focusing on fast transient state thermal estimation. As part of your mission, you will master the 3D-ICE, employing it to benchmark thermal performance in the different 3D integration configurations with the vanguard of technology nodes. 
Your journey will explore various system architecture partitioning schemes: memory-on-logic, logic-on-memory, and memory-on-memory, investigated within the grand scope of a complete chip-substrate-package level design. Throughout this venture, you will collaborate closely with our team of expert system architects and thermal designers to discover and unlock the potential of system-level thermal solutions.

Required background: Electronic / Computer engineering, Experience with EDA tools for power and/or thermal analysis, C/C++, Python, Understanding of SOC package basic knowledge. 

Master's degree: Master of Science; Master of Engineering Science 

Type of work: 30% literature study to fuel your knowledge base and 70% hands-on modelling and simulation to immerse you in practical innovation. 

Type of Project: Combination of internship and thesis 

Promotor: Francky Catthoor

Daily advisors: Yukai Chen, Dwaipayan Biswas 

Duration: 6 - 9 months 

For more information or application, please contact Yukai Chen (yukai.chen@imec.be)


Imec allowance will be provided for students studying at a non-Belgian university. 

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