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As our new AI-Business Translator you know all about agility, automation and information sharing. You will serve a growing multi-site organization of 4,000 people and an R&D setup that is one of the world’s most advanced.


AI Business Translator

The Application Prototyping Team

Imec’s application prototyping team (APT, around 30 people) develops system prototypes to investigate new IT paradigms and the role of IT in society. For example, APT plays an important role in finding out how cities can be improved or made more “smart” through internet-of-things (IoT) technology. The team is active in many different domains, focusing more on technological paradigms than on application domains (e.g. health, cities, manufacturing,…). In addition, APT creates tools to improve the prototyping activity of imec. You will join a highly skilled, well-balanced team of junior and senior designers and developers, operating from our offices in Ghent and Antwerp. You can choose from which of these two cities you prefer to work, as most of the team communication takes place online. In this role, you will get the opportunity to continuously experiment with new technologies and to work in cross-functional teams and projects in an international environment.

What you will do

You will be responsible for:

  • Discussing innovation possibilities with clients, based on available AI/ML technologies, both from imec as from state-of-the art commercial parties
  • elping business development managers shape the offering of imec towards a client
  • et up innovation projects focused on AI/ML, by implementing various methodologies (e.g. story maps, business model canvas,…) and deploying tools (e.g. Jira backlogs) that allow AI innovation to be managed
  • This includes drafting of a scoping, budget, architecture and timed roadmap.

What we do for you

In exchange for your talent, passion and expertise, you will join a multicultural and high-tech company, with challenges there for the taking. Our flexible, progressive and informal working environment offers you a range of possibilities to take initiative and show responsibility. This is your opportunity to contribute to the technology that will determine the society of tomorrow. imec supports and guides you in this process; not only with words but with concrete actions. Through, 'our corporate university', we are actively investing in the further development of all our employees to assure their technical and personal growth. Your valuable contribution and that of your colleagues make imec a top player in its field. Your energy and commitment are therefore appreciated by means of an attractive and competitive salary with many fringe benefits.   

Who you are

To succeed in this role, you ideally already have practical experience of ca. 5 years in the field. 
Your skills/knowledge related to the AI/ML domain:

  • A solid insight in the currently available techniques in the AI/ML domain (shallow learning, deep learning, hybrid learning, reinforcement learning,…)  
  • A high-level understanding of the available tool in the AI/ML domain (scikit-learn, Tensorflow, PyTorch,…)
  • A high-level understanding of the available cloud based AI/ML services in the cloud infrastructures of dominant vendors (mainly Microsoft, Google, Amazon and IBM)
  • A high-level understanding of what it takes to maintain a deployed AI/ML algorithm (MLOps, algorithm interpretability,…) 
  • A high-level understanding of edge architectures for AI/ML
  • A high-level understanding of privacy and ethical issues in AI/ML

You general skills/knowledge:

  • Good communication skills
  • The ability to communicate difficult concepts in a simple way 
  • The ability to be able to creatively create new technology project concepts based on the business needs of customers
  • Being able to lead and execute multidisciplinary/multi team projects 
  • Being a native Dutch speaker is highly recommended
  • Good English communication skills are important
  • Good writing skills
  • Being able to draft a proposal

Nice to have skills:

  • Scrum product owner
  • Python AI/ML coding
  • MLOps

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