Airshaper: Summer Internship 2020 - Market Research & Analysis

Antwerpen - Advertising and Marketing
More than two weeks ago

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Airshaper developed an online aerodynamics tool for engineers and designers. 

The internship will consist of the research of markets and analysis of potential customers, all in line with the automotive world or other aero-related industries.


Preliminary roles involve data analysis, gathering team data, creation of leads and contacting them to explore new areas of application. Given the span of the internship, it has been agreed to adopt a remote approach, where the intern will be in contact with AirShaper through a series of video-calls or other methods yet to be specified.

Suggested approach:

  • Definition of target segments
    • Racing could be one (depending on how available they are over the summer)
    • Other to be discussed (sports, buildings, aviation, …)
  • Market research
    • Mapping of the aero needs of the segment (benefits, norms, regulations, …)
    • Major players in the segment
    • Reference cases (articles, blogs, selling arguments, …) around aero
    • Budgets, lead-times, …
    • Major communication channels (websites, forums, facebook groups, …)
  • Content generation / spreading
    • Find relevant ways to spread existing AirShaper content
    • If needed & possible: suggest ideas & create new content (articles, …)
  • Active prospecting
    • Mapping of relevant leads: right company, right people within that company
    • Definition of a lightweight script to approach them (what to ask, listen to their story, then see how AirShaper can be relevant).
    • Approach them via phone, email, … (a skype account will be provided)
    • Logging of activities & follow-up actions in the AirShaper CRM system

Change the game! 

Internship posted: 09/03/2020

Gouverneur Holvoetlaan 28
2100 Antwerpen

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