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Alexandria.Works : Unlocking valuable insight into your textual data

Often times people do not know how to begin searching for information. We all appreciate the 'google search experience' on the Internet but even Google could not deliver on their promise to do the same for enterprise data. You try any combination of keywords but just can not find what we are looking for. For example, when was the last time you were looking for an email you know you have that just won’t show up no matter what query you try? With our technology, this becomes a thing of the past!

Alexandria.Works takes the challenge to do much better by creating a novel search system based on recent research in NLP. The system discovers all semantic relations in the documents during indexing time so that you can interactively and intuitively explore your data in query time. The system is self-learning. The big advantages? A vastly better search experience for a fraction of the cost. There is no need for tagging reports, creating ontologies, building training models, or any other human intervention. Moreover, the system is language independent. 

We are looking for:

We are developing an extension that we call the 'Alexandria.Workbench' which is a new-to-the-world product (AW proper is a new solution to an old problem). We have a product definition but we urgently need to UX ideas, mock-ups etc.

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Office: Antwerp
Internship Posted: 04/09/2019

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