/Catch your evil twin in a digital world

Catch your evil twin in a digital world

Master projects/internships - Gent | More than two weeks ago

Design and implement proof-of-concept where digital credentials are a safe method to proof for example your age.  

There was a time that your driver's license was a PAPER DOCUMENT.
We're living in a digital world now, and validating these kinds of official statements ('credentials') digitally is an enormeous important challenge.
In the meantime, the Flemish Data Utility Company is providing a personal data vault via Solid pods to every Flemish citizen. This pod allows you to store your credentials, however, how these credentials get automatically created, shared, transformed, and validated (without opening the door for copycats and generally evil people), is still an open question.

Design and implement a proof-of-concept where your digital credential is a safe method to proof, for example, you're of legal age to buy beer online.
By aligning with the Solid specifications, you're building a system that becomes increasingly important, not just in Flanders, but in the entire open source community around personal data ownership.

Type of Project: Thesis 

Master's degree: Master of Engineering Technology; Master of Engineering Science 

Duration: Academic year 2023-2024 

Supervising scientist: for more information or application, please contact Ben De Meester (ben.demeester@imec.be)

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