/Climate control optimalisation IMEC Tower

Climate control optimalisation IMEC Tower

Internship/thesis - Leuven | More than two weeks ago

Elevating Comfort, Sustaining Efficiency: Climate Control Optimization for imec tower. 

The project, "Climate Control Optimization for imec tower," focuses on enhancing the comfort and efficiency of the office building, which houses numerous meeting rooms, by addressing the deficiencies in its current Yokogawa DCS-controlled climate control system. This endeavor aims to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the existing system, identifying areas of inefficiency and malfunction. The primary objective of this project is to propose improvement suggestions that can rectify the shortcomings and streamline the climate control operations. By delving into the intricate details of the system, the student will devise practical and effective solutions for achieving optimal climate control in the imec tower. The outcome of this project is expected to enhance occupant comfort, promote energy conservation, and elevate the overall functionality of the climate control system, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and efficient environment within the imec tower premises.

Language requirements: Dutch 

Type of Project: Combination of internship and thesis 

Bachelor's program/required background: Automation 

For more information or application, please contact Mathieu De Meyer (mathieu.demeyer@imec.be

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