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Health Startup DEO enables the orthopedic community to treat more patients at a lower cost and with optimal quality of care.




DEO (Digital Efficiency in Orthopaedics) is a health tech company, founded in 2018 after two years of intensive, technological development, under the umbrella of OrthoGrow group.

The Orthopedic Eco-System is facing serious sustainability challenges. Increasing demand, a stable healthcare provider community and declining reimbursement, resulting in a perfect storm. To meet these challenges, industry and healthcare providers need to work together to do more with less. 

The DEO offering is a combination of a software platform, the MedEnvision devices, a smart-training platform and services platform. All these components are integrated into one solution, which is called the Efficient SurgerY Solution, or ESY-Solution. Through the ESY-Solution DEO supports hospitals to optimize every step of the treatment pathway, including the peri-operative process and the implant supply chain.

Through a comprehensive consulting and product offering, DEO together with its partners enables efficiency optimization with regards to OR time, OR staffing, tray sterilization, anesthesiology, ergonomics, inventory and logistics.

DEO is looking for interns

  • design
  • sales
  • marketing
  • IT
  • data science
  • image processing
  • business process engineering
  • hospital management
  • logistics
  • ....

We find it important to create internships that fit your skill-set and motivation. Therefore, send us your CV and briefly express your learning-objectives (what you want to learn during your internship), your skill-set (why you think you can add value to our startup) and motivation.



Job posted: 04/09/2019
Offices: Antwerpen, Zaventem en Genk

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