/Design and Development of Multi-Channel Data Acquisition System For EIT

Design and Development of Multi-Channel Data Acquisition System For EIT

Master projects/internships - Leuven | More than two weeks ago

Next gen DAQ system for biomedical application 

Electro-Impedance-Tomography is a technique to reconstruct the image of a target from impedance measurements. Because of its non-destructive nature, this field provides a wide range of applications in the field of Bio-Medical-Imaging. This project is related to EIT of biological cells which are cultured over imec multielectrode array (MEA) chips.
A unique challenge for this project is data acquisition system. Because of multi-electrode sensory system, a multi-channel high speed switch matrix/Multiplexer is needed for faster recording of measurement data. At the same time a proper low noise small signal amplifier is also essential for proper detection signal in noisy environment.

What you will do

  • Literature survey of the state-of-the-art EIT measurement systems.
  • Design and Development of Switch Matrix / Mux. (Using Relay, AISC, FPGA technology)
  • Microcontroller Programming (Arduino, STM-32) 
  • Scripting for measurement configuration (Using Python/ MATLAB)
  • Circuit and Chip Characterization 
  • Optional: Modelling of analog sensing circuit and other associate circuit (Using Cadence)

What we do for you

You will be working on cutting-edge research on a topic that is relevant to both academic and industrial research groups. To help you in this journey, we offer a flexible environment where you can be the leader of your own research while at the same time have the support of experts to complete your tasks. As part of the team in IMEC you will have opportunities to learn from some of the best minds. Because of the multidisciplinary nature of this project, you will be having exposer to different research disciplines. 

Who you are

  • You are a BSc/ MSc student in Electronics Engineering.
  • You are available for a period of at least 3 months.
  • You are entitled to do an internship in Belgium.
  • You have knowledge of Analog and Digital circuit design. 
  • Having sound programming skills.
  • You are familiar with MATLAB, Python
  • Having experience in Cadence is an asset.

Type of Project: Internship 

Master's degree: Master of Engineering Technology; Master of Engineering Science 

Duration: 3 Months 

Master program: Electrotechnics/Electrical Engineering; Other 

Supervisor: Liesbet Lagae 

Supervising scientist(s): Babu Linkoon Meenaketan, Saeedeh Ebrahimi Takalloo, Dries Braeken

For more information or application, please contact Babu Linkoon Meenaketan (babu.linkoon.meenaketan@imec.be)


Imec allowance will be provided. 

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