/Development a new deposition technique for Perovskite/Silicon tandem solar cells

Development a new deposition technique for Perovskite/Silicon tandem solar cells

Master projects/internships - Genk | More than two weeks ago

Don't you want to be a part of an ambitious team for a greener world? 

In order to lower our carbon footprint, i.e., reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GGS), we need to increase our focus on renewable energy. Photovoltaic (PV) technology can help us with this! This technology, specifically the thin-film PV technology, can be integrated into buildings (BIPV), cars (VIPV), and agricultural fields (AgriPV).

Thin-film PV can be produced as a single junction solar cell, or two different technologies with different bandgaps can be merged to create the so-called tandem technology. The advantage of tandem solar cells is their potentially high efficiency, which they can bring into PV technology by utilizing a broader solar spectrum. At the same time, it challenges researchers to tackle production problems, especially for the monolithic (two terminal, 2T) solar cell structure.

With this thesis study, to tackle these problems, a novel deposition technique (ultrasonic spray coating, USSC) will be tested to deposit the top cell of the tandem technology, i.e., perovskite solar cells, on the silicon bottom cell, and then the process will be optimized. The deposited layers will be analyzed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), spectral response (UV-Vis), photoluminescence (PL), current-voltage (IV), etc. measurements.  

This research will be performed at the EnergyVille laboratories in Genk, the PV laboratory from imec, with close collaboration with imo-imomec. imo-imomec (IMEC-Uhasselt) PV research teams are internationally recognized, thanks to its experts and world-class technology labs (Thin Film PV lab). The student has a background in physics, chemistry, nanomaterials, or similar and an interest in photovoltaics and experimental work.

Type of Project: Thesis; Combination of internship and thesis 

Master's degree: Master of Engineering Technology; Master of Science; Master of Engineering Science 

Duration: 6 months 

Master program: Chemistry/Chemical Engineering; Energy; Materials Engineering; Nanoscience & Nanotechnology; Physics; Other 

Supervisor: Bart Vermang (UHasselt) 

For more information or application, please contact Dr. Gizem BIRANT (gizem.birant@imec.be)


Imec allowance will be provided for students studying at a non-Belgian university. 

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