/Development of un untethered headstage for neuroprobe experiments

Development of un untethered headstage for neuroprobe experiments

Leuven | More than two weeks ago

Explore the feasibility of a battery-powered, wireless datalogger for neuroprobes.

During recent years, IMEC has developed a silicon CMOS neural probe which is currently widely used in neuroscience research. The probe is connected to a PCB, called 'headstage', which transfer the digitized neural data over a long, thin, flexible cable to a PC. The neural data is then processed and visualized on the PC.


For certain neuroscience experiments, it would be useful to not require a cable between the probe and the PC. In this setup, the headstage would receive power from a small battery, record the neural data on local memory, and wirelessly transmit part of the neural data for monitoring the experiment.


The challenge for developing a so-called untethered headstage would be to achieve sufficient battery life whilst keeping size and weight within limits.

The first part of the work is to study memory types, power budget, battery technology, and to calculate whether sufficient battery life can be achieved. In addition, a trade-off between data compression, memory size and power needs to be made. As a bonus, wireless data transfer of a selected number of channels would make such a headstage usable in practical applications. Finally, if the feasibility shows that a practically usable headstage is possible, a prototype model needs to be designed, manufactured and validated.

Type of project: Thesis

Duration: 1 year

Required degree: Master of Engineering Technology

Required background: Electrotechnics/Electrical Engineering

Supervising scientist(s): For further information or for application, please contact: Jan Putzeys (Jan.Putzeys@imec.be)

Only for self-supporting students.

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