/Electrorotation system for non-disruptive cell analysis

Electrorotation system for non-disruptive cell analysis

Master projects/internships - Leuven | More than two weeks ago

Single cell analysis to improve therapeutics

Electrorotation is a technique with huge unexplored potential for label-free cell characterization, based on the unique electric response of a cell to a rotating electric field. Non-disruptive detection of membrane and cytosol alterations is crucial for a myriad of applications and becomes more important as cell engineering evolves, as it can be employed to analyze cells that will be used downstream.

At imec, we developed a device able to operate at with a broader range of frequencies, allowing for more efficient performance and a method to allow higher throughput. We are now looking for a student willing to work on an improved fabrication design and operation of the set-up in order to improve the performance and study the coupling of this technique with other sample preparation methods and study the possibility of employing this technique to bacterial cells.

Techniques to be learned: cell culture and analysis; lens free microscopy; computational models of electro-fluidic devices, image analysis

Type of Project: Internship 

Master's degree: Master of Engineering Technology; Master of Science; Master of Engineering Science; Master of Bioengineering 

Duration: > 6 months 

Supervisor: Liesbet Lagae (Physics, Nano) 

Supervising scientist: For more information or application, please contact Camila Dalben Madeira Campos (camila.campos@imec.be)

Imec allowance will be provided for students studying at a non-Belgian university. 

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