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/Job opportunities/Entrepreneurial CEO for imec start-up for solid state batteries

Entrepreneurial CEO for imec start-up for solid state batteries

Management - Leuven | More than two weeks ago

Leading an imec start-up developing next generation batteries based on disruptive solid-state technology.

Entrepreneurial CEO for imec start-up for solid state batteries

What you will do

We are creating an ambitious start-up developing next generation batteries for the automotive industry. Thanks to unique materials and processes developed at imec we are going to deliver a superior type of Solid-State-Battery (SSB) to the market. The mission is to scale the technology and introduce our SSB into electric vehicles and a range of other products. 
To lead this effort and create a successful company geared for the long haul we are looking for an entrepreneurial individual with previous fund-raising experience eager to play a key role in this spin-off as CEO.
In this role you will:
  • Develop the long-term vision by identifying major pain points in the market and the understanding how to address them.
  • Develop the strategy for the company that enables business success for the company and makes this venture attractive for staged investments.
  • Sell the company vision and strategy through continues networking with key players in the industry. 
  • Based on this strategy, develop attainable business and product milestones for the company through an ambitious yet realistic product development roadmap driven by technology USPs and validate this roadmap with industry players and prospects. This includes IP strategy, business model, go-to-market strategy, ensuring alignment with short term and long-term objectives. 
  • Develop a business plan for the company, based on the roadmap and market projections.
  • Based on the strategy and roadmap, assess and stage the company’s funding needs. Build a strong network of early stage and later stage investors with a strategic interest in battery ventures and industrial strategic partnerships. Develop a network within EU and local governmental players that provide strategic funding in the frame of the “green deal”. Based on this network, raise the necessary funds in a staged way for company success. 
  • Set-up and nurture partnerships for the development and ramp-up of the technology.
  • Build a high performing and ambitious team and ensure full engagement of the team for company success.
  • Oversee, keeping track of and organize all operations and business activities.
  • Manage the P&L of the company and, as is typical for a start-up, able to take a wide breadth of responsibilities including company strategy, operations, financing, HR and marketing. 
  • Leverage your network in the renewables and energy industry to identify business opportunities and build strategic partnerships.
  • Build and maintain a deep knowledge of the markets and industry in which the company operates.

What we do for you

We give you the opportunity to enter a nascent spin-off of imec, carrying the necessary technology and potential to make the difference in the future of energy storage and electromobility. This is a unique chance to shape an early-stage venture, gear it for success and lead it all the way in an area of high societal impact.
With your talent, passion and expertise, you will make the spin-off a top player in the field. Your energy and commitment as CEO of this venture are therefore appreciated by means of a competitive financial package and co-founding stakes.

Who you are

  • You have solid experience (> 10 years) as an executive, business director, product owner, lead manufacturing or similar relevant experience in the automotive business or battery business, and a scientific background (Master’s degree in engineering or exact sciences); an MBA is a plus.
  • You have proven experience with fund raising (investors as well as public funding) and entrepreneurial finance in general.
  • You have developed a hardware product or go-to-market strategy and taken responsibility in its implementation.
  • You have built and executed long term projects requiring patience and strategic planning.
  • Your network in the battery eco-system is an asset in developing a strategic up-scaling plan and secure business opportunities timely.
  • Experience in shaping early-stage deep-tech hardware start-ups or similar intrapreneurial projects is a strong plus.
  • You are an inspiring leader for the team and have a hands-on approach to execution.
  • You are an excellent communicator and possess strong public speaking skills.
  • You demonstrate a strong passion for the matter and have the ability to communicate that passion to others.
  • You are able to take strong decisions for the benefit of the company.
  • Ideally you are based in Belgium or willing to frequently travel to the Belgian sites of the venture. 

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