Cloud Solution Software Architect

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More than two weeks ago
In this role you will design, implement, and extend our Cloud IoT stack.

Cloud Solution Software Architect

The IoT teams at imec focus on disruptive innovations in wireless sensor networks for environmental monitoring. Through large-scale deployments and testbeds we
measure in real-time indoor air quality in smart buildings, air pollution in cities, and water quality. Sensor data coming from different sources are collected in the cloud and processed in real-time with new proprietary data-analysis algorithms to provide trusted calibrated data for our partners. To support the scale and the number of deployments n our Research Programs, we are looking for a hands-on Cloud Solution Software Architect to design, implement, and extend our Cloud IoT stack.

The stack is based on JavaScript both for backend and front-end and it relies on the Microsoft Azure IoT Platform, to easily collect, and process the sensor measurements.

What you will do

In strong collaboration with the team, you will be involved in the following tasks:

  • Design a scalable architecture to support the monitoring of multiple use cases and wireless sensor networks.
  • Design and implement secure APIs to send and receive real-time sensor data.
  • Implement end-to-end solutions for our customers, from the gateway to the cloud.
  • Implement dashboard and web front-ends for specific use cases.
  • Present your innovative results in patents, conferences and publications.

What we do for you

The IoT team  develops innovative solutions for massive, heterogeneous sensor networks. We connect billions of devices within high-speed
networks. Doing so, we have built various ultra low power radio IC’s like Wifi 11.ah, Bluetooth-LE, and also an UWB  6-10 GHz radio tuned towards precise
localization (~6 cm). We deliver our designs to customers, patent the different inventions and publish our results in renown conferences and papers (ISSCC,
RFIC, DATE, JSSC, etc). Currently we start to make our solutions smarter by adding neuromorphic circuits and use radio circuits for radar like solutions.
By joining our international team you will collaborate with like-minded people who change the way we work and live. Here, your ideas matter.

Who you are

  • Master Degree in Computer Science or equivalent.
  • Independent leader that creates a vision and an architecture to use the data in the cloud in an innovative way.
  • Deep knowledge of JavaScript for back-end (Node.js).
  • At least 3 years working experience in developing cloud services and API.
  • Experience with Microsoft Azure services.
  • Experience with NoSQL databases (or equivalent).
  • Knowledge of Python (preferred).
  • Experience with Microsoft Azure IoT Platform (plus).
  • Experience with Angular front-end development(Typescript) (plus).
  • Experience with real-time data processing (plus).


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