/GUI development for the data analysis of a nano-scale FET system

GUI development for the data analysis of a nano-scale FET system

Leuven | More than two weeks ago

Contribute to unraveling the information stored in nano-scale FET measurements - a potential gamechanger for the future of personalized healthcare.
After many years of development in CMOS process technology, we are now able to manufacture nano-scale Field-Effect Transistors (FETs) down to 7 nm. This has not only drastically increased computing power but also opens doors for areas like disease screening for the healthcare sector.

An important innovation lies in the large-scale on-chip integration of nanoscale transistors for analyzing the molecular information contained in our bodies like for example DNA. This integration could provide for massive parallelization enabling a fast and more complete view of our current health state at a reasonable cost. However, such a sensor chip generates an astonishing amount of data that needs to be handled and analyzed efficiently.

Currently, we have a FET measurement system in place that generates about 5 GB of data per hour. The goal of the bachelor project is to develop a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows for the efficient and user-friendly analysis and storage of the generated data. Special emphasis will be on the convenient trackability of the analyzed data based on existing metadata like the measurement conditions and chip properties etc. The GUI will function as a central hub that eventually has to communicate with the FET measurement system, incorporate advanced analysis scripts (Python) and be easily extendable. Therefore, the preferred language for the development of the GUI is Python.

We are looking forward to welcoming a motivated computer scientist to tackle this software challenge.

Type of project: Combination of internship and thesis, Thesis, Internship

Required language: English

Required background: Bachelor Applied Computer Science, Bachelor Electronics - ICT or equivalent

Mentor: Sybren Santermans

Manager: For more information or for application, please contact Erik Bury (Erik.Bury@imec.be)

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