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With this project, we want to encourage people to choose a technical career at imec. Everyone who has a tangible passion for technics, can apply.


Imec school

Turn your passion into a career

Dreaming of switching to a technical job here at imec, but missing the right degree?

No worries.

If you bring a passion for technics and a strong dose of motivation, we will prepare you for a job in our cleanrooms as a first-line technician.

In 8 to 12 months, you will get a basic education in chemistry, electricity, electronics and mechanics, you’ll learn the necessary process techniques and develop your technical skills.

The training months will be packed with variety: you’ll be constantly hopping between classroom trainings and learning on the job. Dual learning is key in this trajectory, in order to enable your development at imec.

Ready to turn your passion into a career?

There are only 10 spots available for the training program, that starts in September 2019. The applications are now open. Interested to participate in this exclusive project? Apply now.

If you want more information about imec school or the selection process visit

If you still have questions please send them to



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