/𝝁LED defects inspection using full-field Fourier ptychographic microscopy

𝝁LED defects inspection using full-field Fourier ptychographic microscopy

Master projects/internships - Brussel | More than two weeks ago

Explore the latest developments in micro-display technology, including defect inspection techniques, and gain hands-on experience with micro-display structures

The demand for microLED technology, particularly in the virtual reality market, has driven the need for precise defect inspection. This project aims to develop an advanced Fourier Ptychographic Microscope (FPM) system for detecting defects in micro-LEDs. The FPM uses innovative phase retrieval algorithms to reconstruct 3D objects with sub-micron resolution and a wide field of view, achieved through the use of large-FOV & small-NA objective lenses. This provides an alternative to traditional microscopes that may struggle to detect specific defects or are slow in high-volume manufacturing.

The primary goal of this project is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the FPM for defect inspection of microLEDs. The candidate will be responsible for fabricating samples to create defect models on micropatterns, conducting defect inspection experiments using the in-house FPM, categorizing the defects to support machine learning studies, and improving the FPM's inspection capabilities.


  • Sample pattern design (e.g. using Python, KLayout, or relevant software)
  • Sample fabrication, including: (@ µflow lab, B-phot lab, imec labs, or relevant location)
    • Operating the Direct Laser writing (DLW) lithography patterning  
    • Deposition, cleaning (etching) processes, etc  
  • Measurement experiment (@ imec-vub optics lab)
  • Image and signal processing
  • Successful work can be followed by journal publications


Type of Project: Combination of internship and thesis 

Master's degree: Master of Engineering Technology; Master of Science; Master of Engineering Science 

Duration: 6 months, starting around July - Aug 2023    

Master program: Chemistry/Chemical Engineering; Materials Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Nanoscience & Nanotechnology; Physics 

Contact and location:

  • For more information, please contact Dr. Hyun-su Kim (hyun-su.kim@imec.be)
  • imec office in VUB campus, Plainlaan 9, Etterbeek, Brussels


A 6-months internship allowance will be provided. 

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