LIDAR beam quality optimization

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More than two weeks ago

Develop algorithms for optimizing LIDAR beam quality and beam steering speed.

Optical and LIDAR systems are presently attracting much interest due to its relevance to industrial automation, autonomous vehicles, augmented reality etc. These LIDAR systems are often used to create 3D maps of the surroundings. Traditional LIDARs achieve this by scanning a laser beam around the target scene using mechanical mirrors. is developing optical in the form of solid state photonic integrated circuits (PICs) that can replace the scanning mirrors in conventional 3D LIDAR systems.

Scanning optical PICs have been demonstrated by in a laboratory setting. To take the next step towards a portable beam scanner we need to improve our beam steering and calibration algorithms. Each PIC has unique variations which require correction. The student will develop efficient algorithms for finding the optimal calibration and optimal beam steering conditions. We will also study the stability of the calibration over time and try to gain an understanding how the calibration depends on wavelength and other parameters. Another, related aspect of the project is to optimize the control algorithms for beam steering speed. Depending on the student and time available, an optical PIC may be integrated with the necessary electronic driving circuitry to realize a portable beam scanner demo.

This project will involve algorithm research and programming, experimental testing and possibly some electronics. Knowledge of integrated photonic circuits is a plus.

Type of project: Thesis

Required degree: Master of Science

Required background: Electrotechnics/Electrical Engineering, Physics

Supervising scientist(s): For further information or for application, please contact: Jon Kjellman ( and Tangla David Kongnyuy (

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