Low-power Neuromorphic Sensing for Edge AI

Leuven - PhD
More than two weeks ago

You will develop neuromorphic solutions for the next generation of sensor systems leveraging imec’s expertise on radar, vision and sensor fusion to achieve the ultimate performance in power consumption, latency and learning ability.


​Neuromorphic compute architectures, such as spiking neural networks,  hold great promise for sensor systems to dramatically reduce power consumption and latency. For applications from autonomous driving to personalized wearables/hearables, these technologies can be a true game-changer.  During your PhD, you will work closely with different groups at imec, who each hold a piece of the puzzle: you will be surrounded by radar system engineers, IC designers, sensor fusion algorithm specialists, neuromorphic technology experts and so on. We aim to grow this field across disciplines and borders, and we hope you will be a part of the story!

Required background: Electrical Engineering, Machine Learning



Type of work: 50% modeling and design, 50% implementation and testing

Supervisor: Marian Verhelst

Daily advisor: Ilja Ocket

The reference code for this position is 2020-096. Mention this reference code in your application.


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