Modeling ALD thin-film growth in Li-ion electrodes

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Enabling imec's next-generation Li-ion cell technology for a green and sustainable society

Energy storage is essential for a green and sustainable society. In this respect, Li-ion battery technology is becoming a key technology to e.g. buffer the energy coming from wind miles or solar cells, or to power non-CO2 polluting electrical vehicles. The energy density, life-time and charging rates of today's batteries, however, needs to further increase to cope with the future demands. In this regard, ALD technology is gaining more and more interest from academics and industry, as it can apply a protective or functional coating in the electrodes of a Li-ion battery. These thin-film coatings will accelerate and control the charge transport at the different interfaces (e.g. the electrode-electrolyte interface). The challenge is to deposit a uniform and closed thin-film in the high-aspect ratio structure of the Li-ion electrode, which requires an in-depth know-how on the ALD precursor diffusion and consumption in that electrode. This project is about simulating the precursor gas flow and ALD thin-film growth to guide the experimentalists that deposit these ALD films in electrode coatings needed to fabricate state-of-the-art (solid-state) Li-ion cells.‚Äč

Type of project: Internship, Thesis, Combination of internship and thesis

Required degree: Master of Engineering Technology, Master of Science, Master of Engineering Science

Required background: Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, Physics

Supervising scientist(s): For further information or for application, please contact: Philippe Vereecken ( and Maarten Mees (

Only for self-supporting students.

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