/ Multi-physics modelling of active microfluidic valves

Multi-physics modelling of active microfluidic valves

Master projects/internships - Leuven | More than two weeks ago

Innovate highly miniaturized microfluidic valves

​Controlling liquid flow in microfluidic networks using means of microvalves remains one of the major challenges for integrated lab-on-a-chip applications. The large footprints and the fabrication complexity represent high barriers for wide adoption of the currently existing microvalves. Here, we investigate a novel approaches for active microvalves to control liquid flow on a chip with a small footprint (<20um) and a fabrication scheme that is easy to integrate in standard microfabrication technology.

In this thesis, we will investigate the microvalve concept using commercial multi-physics modelling software. The implemented model will be developed based on our established models to study the multi-type forces associated in the valve structure. The student will spend 30% time on literature study about the valve concept and the modelling technique, 50% on building the model and study different geometries and flow regimes and 20% on thesis writing. Typical education background includes physics, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

Type of project: Thesis

Master's degree: Master of Science, Master of Engineering Technology

Master program: Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrotechnics/Electrical Engineering

Duration: 12 months

Supervising scientist(s): for further information or for application, please contact Ahmed Taher (ahmed.taher@imec.be)