/Nanopore Technology Development

Nanopore Technology Development

Leuven | More than two weeks ago

Empowering tomorrow's healthcare with hands-on nanopore technology development for precision diagnostics and biomedical innovation.

This student project focuses on supporting the development of solid-state nanopore technology within the Life Science Technologies department at imec. The goal is to contribute to the advancement of nanopore-based tools for healthcare applications, with a focus on experimental setup, device preparation, characterization, and optimization. 


Project Tasks: 


1. Experimental Setup Preparation: 

   - Assist in setting up experimental rigs and equipment for nanopore experiments. 

   - Ensure proper arrangement and calibration of instruments, including pipettes, microscopes, and other lab tools. 


2. Device Preparation and Characterization: 

   - Aid in preparing nanopore devices for experiments, including cleaning and surface functionalization. 

   - Conduct experiments to characterize wetting behavior and other device properties using appropriate techniques. 


3. Protocol Development and Optimization: 

   - Collaborate with the team to develop and optimize experimental protocols for nanopore measurements. 

   - Explore new experimental designs to test novel protocols and optimize test procedures for efficiency and reliability. 


4. Surface Modification Experiments: 

   - Experiment with surface modifications to induce anti-fouling properties or alter translocation dynamics of nanopore devices. 

   - Assist in implementing and evaluating the efficacy of surface modification strategies. 




The project will follow a structured approach with clear objectives and milestones. Regular interactions with the multidisciplinary team will ensure alignment and progress tracking. The student will participate in project and team meetings to stay updated and contribute insights. 


Main Tasks: 


- Prepare experimental setups and assist in device preparation. 

- Perform characterization experiments and analyze results. 

- Collaborate on protocol development and optimization. 

- Conduct surface modification experiments and evaluate outcomes. 


What We Offer: 


- An opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge research in nanopore technology. 

- Guidance and mentorship from experienced researchers in the field. 

- Access to state-of-the-art lab facilities and equipment for experimental work. 

- Collaboration within an international, multidisciplinary team environment. 

- Exposure to the innovation process and relevant industry applications. 


Who You Are: 


- Master student with hands-on lab experience. 

- Motivated, team player, and independent worker. 

- Good communication skills and organized approach to tasks. 

- Basic understanding of electrical concepts is advantageous. 

- Basic knowledge of chemistry and surface modification techniques. 

- Proficient in English to work in imec's international environment. 


This student project offers an exciting opportunity to gain practical experience in nanopore technology development while contributing to impactful research in healthcare and biotechnology. You will work as a team with scientists at the top of their field and will gain experience about the ins-and-outs of working in a world-renowned R&D facility. Additionally, you'll acquire hands-on experience in wet-lab procedures, exposure to industrial research software, and skills in designing experiments tailored for R&D purposes, enhancing your overall proficiency in scientific research methodologies. 

Type of project: Internship

Required degree: Master of Bioengineering, Master of Science, Master of Engineering Technology, Master of Engineering Science

Required background: Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, Electromechanical engineering, Nanoscience & Nanotechnology

Supervising scientist(s): For further information or for application, please contact: Wouter Renckens (Wouter.Renckens@imec.be) and Wannes Peeters (Wannes.Peeters@imec.be)

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