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PieSync is a growing start-up with the sole purpose of increasing productivity of companies worldwide by connecting all major SaaS applications.

As Platform Engineer you are working on our platform, which powers a seamless, real-time 2-way sync solution. You will implement complex new features, improve the robustness and scalability of our platform and work on analysis and monitoring tools. In cooperation with dashboard engineers, you are working on the dashboard/platform interface and API’s.

Things you might work on

The beating heart of PieSync is a fleet of workers that fetch modified data from our customer's cloud apps, matching and aligning it with data in other apps. This synchronization process is configured using a flexible, composable DSL which is interpreted by our core sync engine.

Writing this in Haskell provides us with huge benefits. The combination of type safety and an extensive automated test suite allows us to release sooner and with more confidence. Using a haxl-like structure we can completely isolate synchronization logic from operation execution, so our sync engine is essentially pure code.

But we're not done yet! Some of the things we want (you) to work on:

  • Improve the way resources are indexed and matched.

  • Offer our customers more clever ways to sync data by extending our DSL and help us think about how these new platform powers can be controlled in the user interface.

  • Extend the engine to allow the integrations team to connect a broader range of APIs to the platform, by inventing generic solutions to common API limitations.

Besides the core sync engine, the platform consists of a number of other components you can work on. Most notably we are working on an analytics system that will provide us an our customers with more detailed insight into the synchronization process.

Some of the technologies we use at PieSync: Haskell, Go, Protocol Buffers, gRPC, Kafka, Postgres, ScyllaDB, Clickhouse.

Who are we looking for?

You are a pragmatic, resourceful problem-solver who thrives on building solutions for people’s actual problems. You enjoy being part of a team, achieving better results together.

What do we offer?

We offer you to work on an exciting product in a fast-moving, challenging startup environment. We invest in fun and relaxation at work (ping-pong table, darts, monthly massages and outside lunches in the heart of Ghent). We provide you with all the tools to properly do your job (laptop, flexible office hours, a lot of responsibility and a competitive salary).

We’re looking for someone that can at least partially join us on site in Ghent, Belgium. If this is not possible, please apply anyway, we’ll consider exceptions case by case.

How to apply?

Does this sound like your dream job and do you have experience with functional programming? Please apply!


Job posted on 09/07/2019

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