Postdoctoral researcher Direct growth of 2D materials on temperature-sensitive device architectures

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Design innovative deposition concepts for three-atom-thick two-dimensional semiconductors in ultra-scaled, CMOS-compatible devices


Postdoctoral Researcher: Direct growth of 2D materials on temperature-sensitive device architectures

What you will do

Novel two-dimensional materials, and especially semi-conducting transition metal dichalcogenides (MX2, with M a transition metal and X a chalcogen) offer advanced functionality in complex and ultra-scaled integrated systems. In view of their compelling electronic, magnetic and optical properties for a monolayer form, imec explores their integration for various applications and systems, in particular for low-power and high-performance CMOS technologies. 

The main challenge with such disruptive materials lies in achieving the desired intrinsic material quality and functionality through a direct growth methodology, without the need of a material transfer process and potentially in/on temperature-sensitive structures. Ultimately, the candidate will assess the merits of chemical deposition processes, including metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD), for temperature conditions compatible with the metal interconnection levels in the back-end-of-line, i.e., below 500°C. Through developing fundamental understanding of the growth behaviour of the chemical deposition process, novel and manufacturing-compatible approaches will be designed that cover all aspects of MX2 growth and material control.
  • You will be working in the Thin Films research group, and will be responsible for direct growth of functional MX2 materials using an advanced 300 mm growth reactor
  • You will study the chemical and physical growth mechanisms of MX2 on various surfaces and topographies, and from that insight propose concepts to optimize crystallinity, structure and defect density, and the related electrical/optical layer characteristics
  • Inspired by novel device requirements, you will tune the deposition process towards specific device requirements, demonstrate functional device performance, and compare to theoretical predictions 
  • This work will take place in our state-of-the-art 300mm R&D fab and in our research labs, where you will benefit from one of the best-in-class physical and electrical characterization environments for MX2 materials.

What we do for you

We offer you the opportunity to join one of the world’s premier research centers in nanotechnology at its headquarters in Leuven, Belgium. With your talent, passion and expertise, you’ll become part of a team that makes the impossible possible. Together, we shape the technology that will determine the society of tomorrow. 

We are proud of our open, multicultural, and informal working environment with ample possibilities to take initiative and show responsibility. We commit to supporting and guiding you in this process, not only with words but also with tangible actions. Through, 'our corporate university', we actively invest in your development to further your technical and personal growth. 

We are aware that your valuable contribution makes imec a top player in its field. Your energy and commitment are therefore appreciated by means of a competitive scholarship.

Who you are

  • You have recently obtained a PhD in chemistry, material science, (applied) physics, nanotechnology or related field of science
  • Foremost, you have experience with either two-dimensional materials or physical characterization of thin films 
  • Ideally, you have a prior knowledge of chemical deposition processes for thin films
  • You possess a systematic research attitude to identify and address the relevant research questions, analyse and report the obtained results, and propose and explore innovative approaches from that insight
  • Ideally, you gain intrinsic motivation from working in a complementary research team, and take initiative when analysing and disseminating results to a specific and general audience
  • You display a full professional proficiency in English
This postdoctoral position is funded by imec through KU Leuven. Because of the specific financing statute which targets international mobility for postdocs, only candidates who did not stay or work/study in Belgium for more than 24 months in the past 3 years can be considered for the position (short stays such as holiday, participation in conferences, etc. are not taken into account).

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