/Progressing pore shrink methods for enhanced membrane performance

Progressing pore shrink methods for enhanced membrane performance

Leuven | More than two weeks ago

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Separating molecular species e.g., proteins, requires membrane pore channels that can be tailored to a specific dimension and/or surface chemistry. The objective of this work is to tune block copolymer membrane pores that are compatible with a semiconductor platform. Several routes are to be evaluated to shrink silicon oxide nanopores in the sub-10 nm regime at wafer scale. The candidate will contribute to pushing forward the application areas of porous and dense silicon membrane arrays for potential healthcare devices. The successful candidate will engage with and learn from collaborators at imec towards understanding and applying the latest semiconductor processing methods (i.e., lithography, etch, deposition and characterization).


Type of work:

15-20 % literature review, 70-75 % experimental work / data analysis, 10-15 % design of experiments.


Expected tasks:


  1. Investigate and evaluate potential process routes based on block copolymer lithography.
  2. Collaborate with researchers on thin film analysis using atomic force microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and surface measurements, e.g. contact angle, XPS etc.
  3. Image analysis of pore shrink methods after performing inorganic thin film deposition or thermal anneal protocols.
  4. Written reports and presentation of key findings at team meetings.


Nanoporeus Membranes


Type of project: Internship

Duration: 3 to 6 months

Required degree: Master of Science, Master of Engineering Science, Master of Bioengineering

Required background: Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, Materials Engineering, Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, Physics, Biomedical engineering

Supervising scientist(s): For further information or for application, please contact: Cian Cummins (Cian.Cummins@imec.be) and Sandeep Seema Saseendran (Sandeep.SeemaSaseendran@imec.be) and Aurelie Humbert (Aurelie.Humbert@imec.be)

Imec allowance will be provided.