/Quantum Protocol Implementation with Si/SiGe Spin Qubit

Quantum Protocol Implementation with Si/SiGe Spin Qubit

PhD - Leuven | More than two weeks ago

Explore device design and material to upscale silicon spin-based qubits system fabricated from the Imec state-of-the-art 300mm cleanroom


Quantum computers are expected to tackle many real-life problems that are unsolvable by classical computers. In recent years, great progress has been seen. An increasing number of well-known companies, e.g. Microsoft and Intel, have entered this field. Imec is also working on the essential building block of quantum computers, the qubit. Qubits are short for quantum bits and are similar to classical bits. Meanwhile, they are coherent quantum two-level systems, so that we can utilize their superposition and entanglement to boost computing power.


One of Imec's research focuses on silicon quantum dot qubits. A 2D electron gas is first formed in a silicon quantum well embedded in SiGe. Additionally, using overlapping gate on top of this quantum well, a single electron can be confined in a quantum dot. The spin state of that electron forms a natural qubit system. The electron spin offers long coherence time while the silicon platform could be integrated directly into Imec's industry manufacturing process.


In this PhD project, you will participate in Imec’s silicon quantum computing program towards a scalable quantum processor. You will design multi-qubit structures, perform electrical characterizations at room temperature, with industrial automatic probe-stations, and at milli-Kelvin with a dilution fridge. Specifically, you will investigate the spin read-out method, to increase its speed and fidelity, and implement quantum gates on few qubits system to understand the limiting factors for up-scaling. Experience in RF circuit and Python programming is preferred.

Quantum Protocol Implementation with Si/SiGe Spin Qubit

Required background: Physics, Engineering Science

Type of work: 60% experimental, 20% literature, 20% modelling/simulation

Supervisor: Kristiaan Degreve

Daily advisor: Clement Godfrin

The reference code for this position is 2023-039. Mention this reference code on your application form.

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