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Thanks to the SewerMapper, there is no need for a worker to go down the manhole anymore. 

Don’t like a lot of text? Check out what we’re about here!
Worldwide, public sewers are in bad shape because of age and need to be inventoried and repaired. Methods to do this are still very analog and include manual labour in confined spaces. That’s why SpacePal is developing the most efficient and high-tech tools for the inspection and renovation companies to do what they do, better and faster. The SewerMapper is a device that lowers automatically into sewer manholes, and locates, orientates, measures and inspects the manhole by the push of a button; no more workers going ‘down the drain’: only open the cover! SpacePal has gone through different prototypes, has first partners/distributor interests in the EU market, raised seed capital and kicked off with international pilot projects.

What we offer / Benefits

We are looking for interns, below are listed some options but if you think about adding value by other means, don't hesitate to contact us! 

  • Enjoy autonomy and control to build a technology company that incorporates your values & interests.
  • A wide variety of responsibilities to be part of it and make an important impact!
  • Work with a dynamic and ambitious team, and also meet and engage with all the energetic people and other start-ups in the building.
  • Working remotely when necessary/flexible hours (if permitted by the educational institution)! SpacePal’s main office is in Wijnegem, Antwerp, where there are 3 meeting rooms, a fabrication lab, and other vibrant companies. Often, work is done from Ghent. For best collaboration, at least 3 days a week should be spent at the same location, based on needs and preference.

List of internships (but not limited to) 


  • Developing a communication policy about new products and product lines
  • Following up an advertising campaign from analysis, briefing, competition between the different external advertising agencies to the end result
  • Writing a marketing plan (e.g. competitive analysis, portfolio planning, analysis of the distribution landscape)
  • Analysis of sales figures
  • Research into new marketing techniques
  • Market research: drafting questionnaires, data analysis, reporting results
  • Summarizing, synthesizing market information (e.g. reports of press releases and press articles) and use these results to formulate marketing plans and actions.
  • ROI analysis for a specific action
  • Making sales analysis based on an internal database 


Organizational strategy and HR strategy

  • Proposing changes to strategic and tactical objectives, changes in business model
  • Support in the preparation of a strategic plan
  • Developing a performance management system: EFQM, Balanced Scorecard, Quality Control systems
  • Developings KPI’s for HRM and/or an HR scorecard
  • CSR and sustainable business management 

Recruitment and selection

  • Mapping how candidates experience the recruiting process and the reasons for aborting the process early or not accepting the job
  • Evaluating recruiting and selection: specifying and interpreting specific metrics to determine the success of a recruiting campaign 

Employer branding

  • Image management: developing concrete strategies to improve the perception of the organization as an employer by internal and external target groups
  • Develop or screen a social media strategy for the organization 


We find it important to create internships that fit your skill-set and motivation. Therefore, send us your CV and briefly express your learning-objectives (what you want to learn during your internship), your skill-set (why you think you can add value to our startup) and motivation.

Please, contact us

Job posted on 04/09/2019
Office SpacePal bvba 
Bijkhoevelaan 32c - Wijnegem, Antwerpen 2110 - Phone: +32 474 59 50 59



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