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Stakeholder and Proposal Manager

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Stakeholder and Proposal Manager for SOLIDLab Vlaanderen (2 + 2 jaar)

Stakeholder and Proposal Manager

About the project

SOLIDLab Vlaanderen is a large-scale Flemish research project that builds on Sir Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the World Wide Web) ‘s SOLID specification. The idea behind SOLID is to disconnect applications and their data through decentralized data vaults where people can store their personal data and share it with others at their own discretion. Companies, if they get the user's permission, can access certain data from those 'vaults' via a secure connection and for a specific-defined task. SOLIDLab Flanders investigates the development of such decentralized data vaults as building blocks for an innovative data-driven economy in Flanders from different angles: legal, technical, economic, user perspective, etc.

What you will do

Within the context of SOLIDLab Flanders you will have the opportunity to join a dynamic team of researchers from different imec research groups at several Universities in Flanders. 

As a stakeholder manager you will:

  • Ensure and maintain contacts with a very wide range of stakeholders (companies, governments, etc.);
  • Go into dialogue with stakeholders about research results and opportunities (e.g. via participatory workshops, neighbourhood consultation, webinars, site visits, etc.);
  • Co-create, explore and validate business cases and implementation opportunities in a broad diversity of markets;
  • Organize and supervise meetings with stakeholders during the different phases of a project and provide feedback to your colleagues;
  • Make sure all involved parties can work together optimally, set up procedures and align best practices; 
  • Be the central point of contact for the Flemish SOLID Community and for communication with the DataNutsBedrijf;
  • Act as a linking pin between industry (interested in Solid technology and opportunities) and researchers (conducting research in which industry assumptions can be validated).

As a proposal manager you will: 

  • Start many new projects: make the first contacts, evaluate the feasibility, objectives and timing and decide together with the management how the project proposal will be shaped and fleshed out;
  • Be responsible for setting up (mainly) interdisciplinary research projects into how personal data vaults and information management systems can actually be 'rolled out' and studied;
  • Identify the stakeholders (such as local actors/stakeholders, citizens, associations) for each project opportunity and you get to know their needs and needs in order to build a suitable relationship;
  • Contribute to project proposals regarding the implementation and study of personal data vaults and information management systems;
  • Be responsible for the coordination and management of various project proposals and for coaching and directing colleagues who write and elaborate the project proposal together with you;
  • Determine the planning, the risks and the resources for future projects and you set up a "project acquisition pipeline".

About the research group imec-mist UGent

The imec research group for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies is an interdisciplinary research group at the department of Communication Sciences and the department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Product Design at Ghent University and part of the digital research institute imec.
The research group is based at De Krook in Ghent, the epicentre of digital media innovation in Flanders. This architectural hotspot is a meeting place between science, digital technology, entrepreneurship, media, culture and arts. 

Who you are

  • You have a Master's degree in Business Engineering, Business Economics, Communication Sciences, Sociology, Political Science or at least 2 years of professional experience in stakeholder management and/or project acquisition;
  • You preferably already have experience in a similar position such as portfolio, proposal or project management;
  • You can work autonomously and set priorities, even under pressure thanks to your knowledge of organizational structures and processes; 
  • You like to act as a communicator, problem solver and team player who brings structure and focus;
  • You are able to think along analytically and strategically with different management levels;
  • You have a perfect written and oral knowledge of Dutch and English;
  • You are a swift writer and you can write a project proposal with the support of colleagues;
  • You have a good knowledge of methods for social scientific and/or sociological research;
  • You have a critical attitude and are always looking for challenges and how they can be improved;
  • You can deal with deadlines and have a high degree of flexibility for changes within the research process;
  • You are a real 'networker'.


If you are interested in this position, please send your application letter, cv, a copy of your study results and a list of your academic publications if available before August 22 to jobs.mict@ugent.be
Questions concerning the position can also be sent to this email address.

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