/Standard cell library characterization using advanced TCAD tools

Standard cell library characterization using advanced TCAD tools

Leuven | More than two weeks ago

Take part in the optimization of the next logic devices while getting acquainted to all steps of the optimization chain: from technology choices to electrical characteristics of a full standard cell library.

Continuous scaling of logic technologies requires the investigation of new transistor and circuit designs. The optimization of device and technology options together with circuits and systems is more than ever essential.  To assess future technology options, TCAD tools are used to assess device and interconnects and to enable circuit simulations.


To design the logic circuit, a full library of standard cells is designed, implementing all required boolean functionalities (from a basic inverter up to a full-size flip-flop). Due to the design complexity of larger systems, a place-and-route tool is used which governs the placement and interconnection between the chosen cells. In order to provide this place-and-route tool with the behaviour of each standard cell under different signal and load conditions, each standard cell must be passed through a TCAD tool that extracts the cell’s parasitic R&C netlist. Each cell’s power and performance are then evaluated using a spice benchmark under various signal and load conditions. This is called library characterization.


What you will do

During this internship, you will use a third party TCAD tool to perform full library netlist extraction and contribute to the development of a spice benchmark for library characterization. You will also be involved in the integration of this third party TCAD tool in imec’s existing infrastructure. You will be exposed to digital circuit design and technology evaluation. You will be implement new benchmarks and process TCAD simulation data. You will work in the device modelling team. You will be guided in your work and be involved in interactions with the TCAD tool vendor.

The tasks include:

         Evaluate the third party TCAD tool through full library extraction.

         Collaborate with the tool vendor on the implementation of the library characterization benchmark.

         Collaborate on the integration of this third party TCAD tool into imec’s existing flow.


Who you are

         Msc/Bsc student in engineering or sciences

         You are available for minimum 4 months.

         Background in electronics and circuit simulations is a plus.

         Python knowledge is a plus.

         Good English skills are mandatory.

         Motivated student, good communicator, easy collaborator, and eager to work independently and expand knowledge in the field.




Type of project: Internship

Duration: minimum 4 months

Required degree: Master of Science, Master of Engineering Science, Master of Engineering Technology

Supervising scientist(s): For further information or for application, please contact: Pieter Schuddinck (Pieter.Schuddinck@imec.be)

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