/Student Project: Investigation & Design of Enhancements of Current-Mode Rectifier Designs

Student Project: Investigation & Design of Enhancements of Current-Mode Rectifier Designs

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Current-Mode rectifiers are a type of power converter that offer very high integration but also significant design challenges. In this project you will investigate ideas for improving the efficiency of CM rectifiers and design blocks in BCD technology for them.

Student Project: Investigation & Design of Enhancements of Current-Mode Rectifier Designs

What you will do

In inductive wireless power transfer for implantable circuit applications, a rectifier is required to provide a stable output for sensitive circuits. The variety of implant circuits is very large, with greatly varying power requirements as well. In order to design a highly integrated and small implant, the Current-Mode (CM) rectifier architecture offers a great advantage over the more traditional Voltage-Mode (VM) architecture. This relatively uncommon converter does come with design challenges and its efficiency is a trade-off with the power range it can support.

In this project, you will investigate various ideas for the improvement of the efficiency and effective power range of CM rectifiers. To do this, you will use the existing IP and ideas we already have, as well as your own creative input.

Graduation projects (for Master’s) at imec generally take on a flow:

  • Literature study & investigation
  • Modelling of concepts
  • Familiarization with existing IP
  • Architecture definition & design of your own IP blocks
  • Schematic- & layout design
  • Tape-out if allowed by time and circumstances

What we do for you

You will be able to work together with a small team of Analog IC Researchers working to push SoA technology into mainstream applications. We are passionate about our work and the research, and welcome creativity and initiative. We have a lot of experience with the entire IC design flow, from concept and architecture to layout and tape-out. You will be allowed to work very independently, but we are available for guidance and questions in weekly meetings and on the side.

On the project side you will gain experience with the entire IC design flow and be able to work with BCD technology. You will gain an understanding of the challenges in wireless power transfer and the opportunity to come up with and implement your own ideas in a real ASIC. If time and circumstances make it possible, you may even see your design go to tape-out (actual fabrication of the IC).

On top of that, all of this is at the High Tech Campus, a beautiful location for taking walks with fellow IC design students.

Who you are

We are looking for a student with an interest in analog IC design on the intersection of low-power, RF and power electronics.


  • You are studying Electrical Engineering for a MSc. program with a specialization in IC design
  • You have a strong basis in IC design fundamentals (the physical structure, the electrical behaviour of MOSFETs, basic amplifiers etc.)
  • You have an interest in IC design for biomedical applications
  • You show initiative and can dig deep into small design questions while keeping the big picture in view
  • You like to work independently but are not afraid to ask questions or participate in a brainstorm
  • Experience with wireless power transfer (e.g. through a University project) is a big advantage
  • Experience with the Cadence design environment is a big advantage


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