/Sub-terahertz interconnects for 6G communication and radar systems

Sub-terahertz interconnects for 6G communication and radar systems

PhD - Leuven | More than two weeks ago

Are you ready to breach the Terahertz Gap ?

Next generation of communication and radar systems will move beyond 100 GHz because of the need for higher data rates, finer resolution, and smaller form factors. Sensing and connectivity systems will also be commonplace and will be incorporated everywhere.


At terahertz frequencies, the power available from semiconductor devices is significantly lower than in the microwave region. At the same time, traditional interconnects and antennas like in PCBs become highly lossy. These two factors combined necessitate the need for radically new technologies which will conserve RF power.


In this PhD, you will work on a variety of passive components for the 100 – 300 GHz band. New technologies like waferscale antenna arrays, miniaturized waveguides and combining different materials in a heterogeneous way will be explored. Several challenges like low loss signal distribution, dual polarized antenna arrays, high density interconnects between chips will be addressed. You will also be required to perform literature surveys, keep yourself updated with the recent developments and compare it with your own work.


You will be part of the Advanced RF department of IMEC and will work alongside experts across multiple domains in an industry-driven R&D environment. Your daily advisor will be an IMEC employee with many years R&D experience. Your PhD supervisor will be a professor from KU Leuven. Your work will build upon the fundamental principles of electromagnetics and will try to combine that with advanced technology to explore new possibilities in the terahertz gap.

Required background: Masters degree in electrical engineering with a focus on microwaves & electromagnetics

Type of work: 70% modeling/simulation, 20% experimental, 10% literature

Supervisor: Guy Vandenbosch

Daily advisor: Siddhartha Sinha, Ilja Ocket

The reference code for this position is 2022-055. Mention this reference code on your application form.