/Ultrasound circuits for wireless powering of ingestible smart pills

Ultrasound circuits for wireless powering of ingestible smart pills

PhD - Leuven | More than two weeks ago

Your ultrasound array to empower tomorrow’s ingestibles!

Imec is developing a smart platform based on a 2D array of ultrasound transducers connected to thin-film transistor technologies. This platform envisions to generate haptic feedback in mid-air or to become a next-generation medical imaging device. Key applications for such ultrasound transducer arrays are medical imaging, fingerprint scanning, directed audio and gesture recognition. 

The transducer platform is connected to a thin-film transistor array consisting of low-temperature polycrystalline silicon transistors with charge carrier mobilities above 100 cm2/Vs. Typical transistor dimensions are in the low micrometer range. 

Previous PhD topics have demonstrated feasibility of such arrays for low frequency (100s kHz) applications in mid-air. The goal of this PhD is to elaborate driving and read-out schemes for 2-5MHz ultrasound arrays focusing on biomedical applications, such as high-frequency medical imaging and powering of ultrasound ingestible devices. The PhD student will perform detailed system level study of thin-film transistor-based ultrasound arrays for those applications, differentiating the in-pixel circuit complexity by thin-film transistors and the silicon CMOS peripheral circuits. In addition to design, the PhD student will also be responsible for the circuit and matrix measurements, comparison of experiments and modelling. Designs will be processed in the available foundry technologies.  

Required background: Electronic engineering, Circuit design, affinity to physics

Type of work: 10% literature study, 10% modeling, 40% design and layout, 40% characterization

Supervisor: Kris Myny

Co-supervisor: Jan Genoe

Daily advisor: Kris Myny

The reference code for this position is 2022-105. Mention this reference code on your application form.