/Weather-dependent parameter extraction for the electrical circuit models of solar cells

Weather-dependent parameter extraction for the electrical circuit models of solar cells

Genk | More than two weeks ago

Improve the climatic adaptivity of standard electrical models for solar cells

Performance modeling of photovoltaic (PV) systems is one of the most important stages in PV project development. Modeling frameworks are used to evaluate the expected energy generation and, hence, the economic and technical feasibility of PV projects. Different aspects that affect PV power generation are considered in the simulation and design frameworks of PV systems. One of these aspects is related to the electrical modeling of solar cells. The commonly used equivalent circuit models for solar cells require the extraction of parameters such as saturation current, series resistance, shunt resistance, and diode ideality factor that determine the predicted cell behavior under varying operating conditions. The extraction of these parameters plays a key role in the accuracy of the simulations and, hence, will influence the PV system design and performance evaluation.


Various methods (e.g., analytical, iterative, and evolutionary computational) have been proposed to extract the parameters of solar cells. However, most of the available methods have not been evaluated under varying operating conditions. Therefore, the aim of this master’s thesis is twofold: first, to make a comparison of the existing methods under varying operating conditions to formulate trade-offs for a new approach and second, to develop an innovative algorithm (in Python or MATLAB) based on the initial findings about extracting the solar cell parameters under varying operating conditions.


During this thesis project, the student will gain experience in computational methods and algorithms to improve accuracy and deal with computational complexity.

Type of project: Thesis

Required degree: Master of Engineering Technology, Master of Engineering Science, Master of Science

Required background: Physics, Energy, Electrotechnics/Electrical Engineering, Computer Science

Supervising scientist(s): For further information or for application, please contact: Ismail Kaaya (Ismail.Kaaya@imec.be)

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