11th europractice photonic integrated circuit training

Spring 2020 – Exact dates will follow soon

Join the tour d’horizon of integrated photonics guided by the industry experts. Be introduced to all aspects of the technology – from its physics to its ecosystem, and from its design flow to its applications.

Photonics is often hailed as the technology of the 21st century, as electronics was for the 20th century. Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) is the result of the spectacular miniaturization and largescale integration of photonic components and circuits at chip-level using CMOS fabrication technologies. PICs have applications in the in the industries such as ICT, healthcare, consumer electronics, industrial sensing etc. and it is bound to impact Industry 4.0 technologies.

Fabless manufacturing and multi-project-wafer (MPW) services for PICs allow low-cost access to generic fabrication processes for rapid prototyping and low volume production. The emphasis is shifting to design innovation as PIC foundries and design software companies cooperate to offer Process Design Kit (PDK) to support simulations, designing and layout. As a result, photonics design automation is gaining prominence in facilitating design flows.

Why Participate

This training course aims to give a jump-start on PIC technology from a fabless manufacturing perspective.  Silicon (Si) and Silicon Nitride (SiN) PIC platforms are the focus of the training. The objective is to provide an informative and practical tour d’horizon of the PIC technology, divided into three parts broadly addressing the technology, its manufacturing and its design-flow respectively. The three parts of the training are:

  • PIC Basics Tutorial: The first part, running for a half day, is tutorial based and focuses on the basics of PIC technology and its applications. Provided by ePIXfab / Ghent University, the tutorial will cover topics such as optical material, waveguides, optical modes, and various building blocks such as filters, fiber couplers, modulators, detectors, on-chip lasers, etc.
  • PIC Ecosystem Seminars: The second part, running for a full day, is seminar based and focuses on the PIC ecosystem, comprising organizations involved in developing PIC designing and manufacturing value chain. Experts from the industry will speak on foundries, packaging, design software and services, access routes, applications etc. 
  • PIC Design Seminars: The third part, running for a full day, is interactive seminar based and aims to give attendees a broad overview of the design and simulation techniques available to them. In particular:
    • Tools and techniques for the simulation and optimization of photonic components
    • Tools and techniques for the simulation and optimization of photonic circuits
    • Tools and techniques for photonics layout.

The seminars will be led by representatives of the leading design software companies (Lumerical, Luceda, and Synopsys) and focus on both on methodologies and the applications in which these methodologies are used or best avoided. The training will be closed by a ‘design with experts’ session during which participants are invited to interact the design experts to specifically discuss their design project.

There is also a tour of imec’s 300mm cleanroom at the end of the training. This training also provides participants with an excellent opportunity for networking with technology and design experts.

Participants, depending on their requirements, can attend any of the three parts of the training, or they can attend the complete training.

Tutors & Speakers

This training is conducted by lecturers and trainers from the key players of the ecosystem. The tutorial on PIC technology will be provided by ePIXfab / UGent. The interactive seminars on design-flow will be provided by Luceda, Lumerical and Synopsys. The seminars on the ecosystem and the value chain will be provided by the industry experts from (more confirmations are awaited):

imec (Belgium), Ghent University / ePIXfab (Belgium), STFC (UK), Tyndall National Institute (Ireland), Lumerical (Canada), Synopsys (Netherlands), Luceda (Belgium), and many others (confirmation pending)


Part 1: PIC Basics (Tutorial)

    • Tutorial sessions on PIC building blocks and applications.
      • TBD (Ghent University / ePIXfab)

Part 2: PIC Ecosystem (Seminars)

    • Seminar sessions on PIC design and manufacturing ecosystem
      • TBD (the industry experts)

Part 3: PIC Design Flow (Seminars & Demonstrations)

    • Interactive seminars on PIC design methodologies and practical demonstrations
      • TBD (Luceda, Lumerical & Synopsys)


Registrations will be open soon

Practical Information


Part 1: PIC Basics (tutorial):

Part 2: PIC Ecosystem (seminars):

Part 3: PIC Design Flow (seminars & demonstrations):


The training will take place at imec headquarter located in Heverlee (Leuven), Belgium. The participants must report at the imec tower reception, located at:

Remisebosweg 1,
3001 Heverlee, Belgium

For more details on how to reach imec tower, click here: www.imec-int.com/en/connect-with-us/imec-belgium .


Not required


Registration for the training also involves lunch as well as coffee and refreshments.


For more information, please feel free to visit us on www.imecacademy.be , or contact us on academy@imec.be .

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