27th Molecular Med Tri-Con

March 1-3, 2020 / San Francisco, US

Advancing Precision Medicine: Emerging Therapeutic, Diagnostic, and Technology Approaches

The International Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference, entering its 27th year, is one of the most comprehensive and leading industry events in the personalized medicine space today. The Tri-Conference brings together more than 3,100 innovative thinkers and thought leaders in the field of drug discovery, development and diagnostics, informatics, and digital health throughout pharma, biotech, and academia. Through comprehensive educational programming, valuable networking opportunities, and an expansive exhibit hall, event participants learn first-hand about the emerging developments and advancements of therapeutic, diagnostic, and technology approaches that are advancing precision medicine.


Ingestible Sensors: A New Approach to Look at Digestive Disorders and Nutritional Balance
Chris van Hoof, PhD, Vice President, Connected Health Solutions, imec; Managing Director, OnePlanet Research Center
March 3rd - 11:25

Digestive processes are hard to examine yet they determine our health and well-being on a daily basis. Ingestible sensors can make a huge difference by providing a more comprehensive and longitudinal measurement of key parameters. imec is using its advanced chip technologies for developing ingestible sensors with the aim to measure the mechanical, chemical and electrical processes in the gut. This requires innovations in many areas: sensing, (remote) powering, and wireless communications

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