cEDM Workshop 32

Friday January 10, 2019 / Leuven, BE

Towards an improved life time prediction of electronic systems

In a growing market of complex intelligent products requiring a life time longer than consumer electronics (> 2 years), realising products “with predictable life time” under known loading conditions gives a competitive advantage to companies.

Evaluating potential reliability risks and predicting the life time at the “design stage” gives a benefit in time-to-market and both engineering and product cost by mitigating quality and reliability risks in the design phase before prototype testing, production and especially product deployment.

This workshop is the final event for the INPROVOL project, a Vlaio funded collective research project with focus on developing tools, guidelines and methodologies to support the industry in designing and manufacturing products with a better knowledge of its life time. Bart Vandevelde (imec) will present as project leader a summary of the main results of this project.

Rainer Dudek (Fraunhofer ENAS) will present unique results of a real-life thermal cycling test lasting already for more than 8 years. His results allow to benchmark the different acceleration models (such as Norris-Landzberg) to the real test failure data.

Piet Watté (Signify) will present how Signify, previously known as Philips Lighting, deals with engineering models to predict the life time for products such as LED drivers.

Where reliability is related to the life time under normal operating conditions, the robustness of a product expresses the product’s capability of withstanding product life cycle conditions that go beyond normal, as-designed conditions. Geert Willems (imec), will discuss how to augment the robustness of electronics and will introduce InProVoL’s Design-for-Robustness and Robustness Testing and Qualification guidelines.


13h30  -  Registration

14h00  -  Welcome by cEDM

14h10  -  Reliability by design approach for life time prediction of electronic systems (INPROVOL project summary) - Bart Vandevelde, imec

14h40  -  Challenging the acceleration factor models by a Long-Term life Testing on a soldered board assembly - Rainer Dudek, Fraunhofer ENAS

15h10  -  Engineering model for the life prediction of LED drivers - Piet Watté, Signify

15h40  -  Design-for-Robustness for electronics - Geert Willems, Imec-cEDM

16h10  -  Q&A and closing

16h20  -  Networking & booth

Registration fee

Participation is free for cEDM members.

For Non-cEDM members a registration fee of 150,00 EUR (excl. VAT) is applicable.


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