How to manage the export of dual-use items

Some technology, goods, and software that seems innocent is in fact classified by government and international organizations as ‘dual-use’ technology. These items could potentially be rigged to support nefarious and hazardous ends. 

Therefore, the EU has initiated strict legislation regulating import and exports of various such items currently being used and developed in the health, high-tech, and life sciences sectors.

Crucially, the legislation stipulates that it is up to the company, researchers, and individuals to make sure they comply with regulations. But the list is long, diverse, changes annually and may not be very straightforward. How, then, do you make sure you don’t end up on the wrong side of the law?

By coming to this seminar! It will specifically focus on current and emerging export controls related to health, life sciences, and high-tech. Don’t miss it!


  • 13u30-14u00: Registration
  • 14u00-14u10: Welcome & Introduction by Leuven MindGate
  • 14u10: Introduction to legislation and regulations 
  • 14u50: The importance of compliance
  • 15u00: Best practice testimonial 1: Imec
  • 15u10: Best practice testimonial 2: EpiGan
  • 15u20: Best practice testimonial 3: Luciad
  • 15u30: Panel discussion about the law's “Catch-all Clause” with Imec, EpiGan & Luciad
  • 16u00: Q&A
  • 16u15: Networking & Speeddating 
  • 17u00: End

Come hear from the Flemish Government authorities, imec experts, and local companies during an afternoon organized by Leuven MindGate in partnership with imec and the Flemish Government. Join us on Thursday 24 January and learn the ins and outs!

Register and find all the information at the Managing Dual-Use Items website.

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