ITF Health

Tuesday October 15, 2019 / Boston, US

ITF Health gives insights on rapidly evolving R&D at the intersection of healthcare and nanotech. The event focuses specifically on solving current and future healthcare challenges. Technology will be key for precision medicine. Precision medicine approaches are enabled by data leveraged from direct and indirect sources to provide a more holistic view of an individual patient. Large-scale population genome sequencing with million-person cohorts providing a plethora of quantitative and qualitative data to advance precision medicine initiatives. Integrating these genomic data into the clinical workflow to derive deeper insights into genetic and chronic diseases is unique to the precision medicine concept. At imec we enable key technologies for precision medicine-wearables, data science, algorithm development for valuable health data insight, hardware and software for DNA sequencing and big data analysis leveraging high performance computing.
We will welcome about 150 attendees, targeting biotech companies, pharmaceutical companies, life science companies, medical device manufacturers, semiconductor and system companies with an innovation focus on medical, tech start-ups and venture capitalists.

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