ITF Photonics 2020

February 3, 2020/ San Francisco, US

ITF Photonics 2020 will focus on the versatility of integrated silicon photonics technology, and on its broad potential for cloud computing, datacenters, 3D sensing, artificial intelligence, healthcare, agriculture, food analysis and more.

Artificial intelligence and cloud computing are constantly pushing the limits of optical interconnect bandwidth. Silicon photonics have proven to be a prime technology to scale optical interconnects to the required bandwidth density, power and cost. 

Yet, the application range of silicon photonics goes far beyond that! 

The key is to integrate optical circuits with electronic ones. Imec – a pioneer in nano-electronics and photonic technologies – leads the development of photonic-electronic chips. 

Imec’s hybrid chips pave the way for revolutionary healthcare solutions that are compact, smart, low-cost and easy to use. Integrated optical spectral sensing solutions can benefit an even wider range of applications and markets, including precision agriculture, food analysis or colorimetric applications for industrial and consumer markets.

At Imec Technology Forum Photonics 2020 you will leap into the exciting future of integrated silicon photonics. 

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