Neurotech forum

Monday November 4, 2019 / Leuven, BE

Neuromorphic Computing Technology (NCT) has emerged as a new technology with great potential to enable information processing at very low energy cost using electronic devices that emulate the electrical behaviour of biological neural networks. NCT quickly transforms into a key enabling technology for several emerging applications. Neuromorphic devices are able to carry out sensing, processing, and motor control strategies with ultra-low power performance. The academic community in Europe has developed leading expertise in this domain. Significant challenges however are confronting the R&D in this field and are preventing the fast uptake of NCT by the industry. Experts are struggling with the high interdisciplinarity of the research on neuromorphic technologies: from material science to device and system design to algorithms and applications. All this requires coordination across multiple research fields, the need of common tools, validation frameworks and benchmarking to assess and compare different approaches.

The significant support from the European commission expresses the need to rapidly mature the NCT and allow an effective take-up of the neuromorphic technology.

The Neurotech forum is an initiative of the Neurotech project (, a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) funded by the European Commission. This CSA aims to be the connecting element to consolidate and disseminate the state of the art of neuromorphic technology and to create a transforming roadmap for future progress, unleashing the power of NCT in smart technologies of the future.

Main goals of the forum

  • to discuss the progress and the challenges the academic world is facing
  • to reach out to industry stakeholders and get them involved in shaping future research directions and
  • to facilitate the uptake of existing technology.

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