Neurotech Leaders Forum

A Two-Day Investment and Management Conference for Neurotechnology Entrepreneurs and Executives

This two-day conference offers an exclusive forum for executives and entrepreneurs from the neurotechnology industry to interact with investors, technologists, and potential partners who are actively working to grow this market. The schedule of presentations and panel discussions features a host of experts with a wealth of information on the neuroscience industry and the investment community.

Sessions will cover a range of technologies and market segments in the neuro space, including neuromodulation, neuroprosthetics, neurodiagnostics, and neurorehabilitation. Attendees will hear from some of the leading researchers and entrepreneurs developing clinically and commercially promising products such as deep-brain stimulation systems, stroke rehabilitation devices, implanted pain stimulators, brain-computer interfaces, and advanced brain sensing technologies.

The conference will cover new frontiers in the neurotechnology industry, including applications in bioelectronic medicine, neurosensing, noninvasive stimulation, and biomarkers. Both days feature presentations from several early-stage neurotechnology firms covering a range of product and technology areas.


Imec's Dries Braeken will share how imec is advancing neural interfacing technology for implantable neurotech devices. Join imec at this 2-day exclusive forum bringing together leading researchers and entrepreneurs in the neurotech space.


15-16 October 2018
Embassy Suites, San Francisco Airport Waterfront

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