Pushing the limits of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is reaching new heights thanks to machine learning and advances in chip technology. The Internet of Things is putting more and more smart devices at arm's length. We're all getting very used to customization and personalization. How will all this technology come together in the coming years and decades?

Fully self-sufficient embedded devices are the new dream for engineers, but how do we realize them? How will we solve problems of privacy, performance, energy efficiency, and cost? Does everyone even want to be surrounded by smart devices free of the network - at the edge, as the experts say?

In smart farming, for example, chickens can now be crowd-controlled through lights directed by an intelligent and independently operated surveillence system. Great for chickens but what are the further implications of such technology?

Come hear Ivo Bolsens, Senior Vice President and Chief Technical Officer at Xilinx of Silicon Valley give the first presentation of an afternoon organized by Leuven MindGate in partnership with imec.

Join us on Wednesday 28 November from 16.00h-20.00h at imec, Kapeldreef 75, 3001 Leuven and be part of the discussion!

Register and find all the information at the Pushing the Limits website.

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